The present-day structure of the Zambon Group is the result of a recent process of internal reorganisation. On 1 January 2007 Zambon launched its current company structure, under which pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals are distinguished and concentrated into two autonomous and independent legal entities: Zambon Pharma (Zambon SpA) and Zambon Chemicals (ZaCh SpA).

This separation of operational divisions was followed by the creation of an industrial holding, Zambon Company SpA, responsible for the strategic coordination and control of the Group's economic affairs, allocating the necessary financial resources to investments essential to the business.

As part of this internal restructuring of different activities and resources, the two businesses - the pharmaceutical division and the chemical division - have shown significant results, centralising business support services such as administration, organisation and information systems into the single, standalone entity Zambon Group SpA.

In addition to the four aforementioned companies are Z-Cube and Open Zone.

Z-Cube Srl was established to identify and support the validation of drug delivery technologies and medical devices, selecting which show the potential to generate innovative products.

Open Zone is dedicated to the evaluation of its production and management establishments and focuses on the selection of space and services, laboratories and offices of start-up companies dedicated to research and development.