Seeing people as the driving force behind innovation and development strategies...a founding element of Zambon.

Some years ago, an institutional campaign underlined how the diversity of Zambon does not lie in its budget figures, but primarily in its people: "Those who work with us, above all, share our values. These are individuals who at some point in history helped us to get where we are today and to analyse our future from the right perspective. The results are merely the logical consequence of a commitment taken on by everyone within the group: accepting the risks related to each proposal of change and evolution, bringing themselves and their qualities into play. This is our diversity and our strength."

In this perception of people as the driving force behind strategies of innovation and development lies a founding element of Zambon, whose ethical and professional values stem from and take shape around the concept of the individual. From these reflections derives "Benvivere" (Living Well), a project for enhancing quality of life and work by improving the comfort and appeal of shared work spaces, which are designed to encourage meetings and relations between colleagues, to provide welcoming environments with opportunities for individual expression and creativity, or for simply getting to know one another.

This has led to the creation of new dedicated areas - the Benvivere area, the Kreativity Office, the Listening Room and dedicated service areas - first at the head office in Bresso, then in the offices of the 2 manufacturing plants in Longino and Vicenza, and finally in the branches of overseas affiliates. An unmistakable "code" has been disseminated which, through symbols, furnishings and colours, helps to create the feeling of a comfortable space designed to encourage meetings, informal exchanges, encounters and the daily sharing of ideas and projects.

Since its inception in 2007, Benvivere has represented a way of being and of understanding work at Zambon; since the beginning, its aim was to provide a common sense of belonging, creating a real-life community of people who would see it as a place not only for professional development, but for personal growth.

A new concept of work requires the creation of such spaces, a concept which sees the individual in a company as a whole and not "halved" and which therefore seeks to define forms and spaces which allow such individuals to feel "whole" and free to express themselves based on this "wholeness" and integrity, without leaving their emotions, talent and creativity at home; empowered to "liberate" in the office their passions and desires which normally belong in private, namely in their "free time".

In addition to a new layout, stimulating common areas have been created, along with new services, such as the Kreativity Office, dedicated entirely to free time and used to organise moments of involvement and socialisation where status and professional roles are left outside. In order to lend ourselves to comparison with other cultural expressions and to encourage individual creativity, several emerging artists have been given the chance to display their work in these spaces, creating artistic installations in corridors, common areas and outside conference rooms so that even everyday work is "touched" by this creative current and blended together with art.

In short, today Benvivere represents the "social" side of Zambon; a "workplace within", or rather an internal world of experience, culture and sharing for establishing a community of its people. Through specific contributions to quality of life, environmental sustainability and solidarity, Benvivere is an important step towards the "integral business" model to which Zambon aspires.