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“…the future is in our children's hands…”


Zambon firmly believes that education plays a fundamental part in youth development and helps motivate young people to fulfil their potential. For this reason, to coincide with its centenary year, Zambon has set up an international scholarship program for the children of its employees, with the following objectives:

- to provide continuing education for those in situations of particular difficulty or family suffering
- to reward those with a high level of achievement on their current courses of study

Scholarships for situations of particular difficulty or family suffering are aimed at children of employees who are either deceased or affected by a permanent disability which means they are unable to continue working. Considering the severe difficulty with which the student's family is faced following the adverse event, the student is enabled to continue studying for his/her entire school life, i.e. from the start of primary school through to the completion of university studies.

Scholarships for merit are awarded only to those children of employees attending upper secondary schools and universities who achieve excellent results, in recognition of their responsible and continuing dedication.
In this case, candidates are assessed by a local panel of judges formed by representatives of Companies from the Zambon Group which, based on school performance, will draw up a list of winners which will be communicated to all employees.