To us at Zambon, business strategies and values are two sides of the same coin: we feel that to take charge of an integrated company is part of our DNA. The basic roles, identity, organisational structure and values of Zambon have a two-way relationship with its strategies: they support them, and are supported by them. Like with any living organism, this business set can only be self-supporting if we listen to the soul which makes it live and allows it to breathe. Without its "soul", it would be difficult to follow ambitious strategies, and without strategies crowned by economic success it would be difficult to preserve the community and the "soul" of this company. The path we must take is long-term, and we must focus not only on economic aspects, but on a business community with a strong identity, a culture, a DNA. A modus operandi which bases its success on the capacity of pursuing innovation with scientific rigour, flexibility and quality of execution. To ensure this continues over time, the Zambon Group has adopted a number of values and business principles borne out of the knowledge of its responsibility deriving from expectations to enrich the lives of people, in terms of health and quality of life, both outside and within the company; values which are based on the Group's 100-year heredity and which are the foundation of its constant quest for improvement, in the belief that the history of a business only lives when it is "carried forward".