There is an expressive code which represents our DNA: the code of pictograms, which describe the past, the present and the future of Zambon. These pictograms are immediately recognisable as Zambon, containing 31 symbols which represent the business in all of its various facets. Worthless on their own, these individual cards only carry value as a whole, as a mosaic which builds our identity. The 31 symbols depict the DNA of Zambon, giving a visual representation of how the company has developed and become "complete" over time.

The pictograms depict our main products, symbols pertaining to research, staff dedication and the everyday work carried out in factories and within the company, as well as others which identify the areas of competence and the core businesses of our organisation - the respiratory sector, women and family - all without forgetting the strength of our distribution network and all those people who give us such strength on the market. Some pictograms express how Zambon is projected into the future through new technologies, new drug delivery methods, devices and new development prospects, including outside the confines of consolidated markets.