Oxy.gen & Open Zone

Open Zone

Open Zone is a scientific campus that represents the meeting between business and the community. A place where KNOWLEDGE is shared amongst multiple partners in the LIFE SCIENCE sector to foster INNOVATION, SYNERGY AND DEVELOPMENT.
Open, as an open dialogue between science, society and business, a place for developing relationships of exchange with the citizens and the community at large.

Research labs 7.500
Canteen 750
Offices 15.500
Shared areas 800
The Gardens of Science:
park and facilities 47,000
Accommodation 8.500
Business Center 1.350
Production 10.000

In this scenario is born OXY.GEN, a futuristic structure in the shape of an air bubble that seems to be floating on a pond, designed by architect Michele De Lucchi as a PLACE OF SCIENCE FOCUSED IN PARTICULAR ON BREATHING.

As a result of a public-private partnership, Oxy.gen is located in the “Gardens of Science” and allows visitors to explore Breathing in terms of its healthrelated aspects and the implications that the quality of the environment has for us.

Students, researchers, and citizens interested in scientific research can experience an EDUCATIONAL PATH in twelve “steps” that provides a comprehensive view of oxygen and breathing. Here, every participant is an “actor” of his or her own experience thanks to a dynamic and spectacular setting that actively engages visitors through experiments, games, and videos.

The project is made up of big numbers: since its inauguration - with the participation of architect Michele De Lucchi, thoracic surgeon Dr. Luca Voltolini, and world champion athlete Fiona May - Oxy.gen has received OVER SIX THOUSAND VISITORS. It has hosted more than 50 SCIENTIFIC, EDUCATIONAL, AND CULTURAL EVENTS including the series "Il Respiro della Mente" dedicated to Science and Pseudoscience, as well as courses in breathing exercise, and an educational initiative for schools and on the weekend for the general public.

Oxy.gen is a point of reference for EDUCATION AND INFORMATION, where SCIENTIFIC CULTURE is created and visitors can deeply experience the meaning of education applied to Breathing.

For information visit www.openzone.it