Zambon Museum

The history of a business is a valuable and genetic heritage; a DNA that takes us back in time, whose rediscovery leads to a natural transposition of this heritage into the present.

Sakichi Toyoda, father of the founder of car manufacturer Toyota and considered as the father of the Japanese industrial revolution, said: "Our future may be illuminated by our past". Based on this thought, in 2006, after the company's centenary celebrations, the idea was born to create the Zambon Museum, to be developed over the following 2 years. The aim was to reuse a former industrial shed to exhibit physical and immaterial objects that represented the historic legacy of the company, giving visitors a slice of its history made up of passions and values borne out of the enterprise and hard work of generations of men and women.

A history lived not with nostalgia, but with the will and the enthusiasm to look to the future thanks to the inspiration of the past, and to stimulate those who visit the space to assume the will to do, to act, propelling them towards new business activities, of whatever nature.

The Zambon Museum is a lesson in values, a moment in which to take time to reflect, to read, to listen, and to breathe the passing of time, acknowledging the value of people, of the business and of the principles by which they live and operate. It is a place of culture, with an artisan soul that is continuously evolving and continues to change; a dynamic museum that challenges the concept of industrial archaeology and the strictly chronological/sequential logic. Visitors are accompanied along a path that is not predefined, but broken down into 6 containers represented by the 6 letters of Zambon, through which they can immerse themselves in the reality and culture of the business and gain insight for personal enrichment.

The museum takes the visitor along a journey through Zambon time, travelling through a route based on emotions and on the values which are an integral part of the atmosphere of the old shed. It is designed as an experience in which to immerse oneself.

The 6 containers, symbols of the tangibility and the feel for artisan crafts that set Zambon apart as a company, represent:

Z as in Zambon (our history)
A as in Authors from Zambon's more than hundred-year history
M as in Make, the feel for making
B as in Brand, our name, our identity
O as in Opportunity, research and scientific progress
N as in Now, living with the new, looking to the future

The visitor is taken along a journey of values designed to enlighten those who aren't familiar with Zambon, to encourage participation and to provoke questions and reflections on their own fabric of values. This tale of history documents and celebrates not only the entrepreneurial journey of Zambon, but the contribution of each person to its history.

The site is also a living museum: a place of culture and social gathering, based on a new interpretation of the term museum, that is used to hold business presentations, seminars, meetings, events and company celebrations, such as Christmas festivities or employee family days. Overseas affiliates also arrange events and meetings at the museum, testament to how Zambon has managed to create a precious historic nucleus with a 103-year old heart, in which the entire Zambon population around the world can experience a shared sense of belonging.