Container A


Container A is a space for the Authors, for the people,
and for all Zambon collaborators.


It is the beating heart of the company; the birthplace of ideas and projects which take shape day-to-day thanks to the talent, enthusiasm and curiosity of the workers. It is a place of personal and collective stories that are interwoven into a single family entity - Zambon.

Since he first went into business, Gaetano wanted to bring life to a company that represents a large family, made up of employees who know each other and who collaborate together. This desire has been handed down from generation to generation thanks in part to these documents, wherein the company's memory is preserved: the assessment form, drawn up in the early 40s and aimed at company management; the "Notiziario ZEF", a sort of ante litteram newsletter, and the so-called Moral Testament of Gaetano, from 1948, targeting members of his own family and particularly the younger generations who would later take the reins of the company. In this long letter, Gaetano urges his family members not to feel privileged, but to take responsibility with humility, passion and complete dedication to become an example for all employees.

The Zambon of today, particularly since the centenary celebrations of 2006, is rediscovering and reincorporating this company vision of enterprise and passion, but also of collaboration and family values, through a modern-day revision of the legacy left behind by Gaetano and by his son Alberto.