Container B


Container B represents the Brand.
Through our brand we talk about ourselves,


It is the way in which we present ourselves, it says who we are and what really counts. Product brands are a number of stories large and small, of communication and imagination. An expression of our times, of the ways in which we change and of the technologies that evolve. They are a photograph not only of the situation in which we live, but of the values by which we want to be represented.

The Zambon brand has been reinterpreted through a modernisation of the shapes, colours and graphic designs of the original, to achieve maximum brand recognition and to give clients the certainty of quality in our products. Consistent with this objective is the decision to change the corporate brand, taken after the centenary, reverting back to the colour green used during the 60s but incorporated in a modern style. A green that will certainly be present on all packaging of Zambon products, together with the specific colour of each product.